Green Cross opens its doors in Australia

The Green Cross, an environmental initiative founded by former Soviet leader Mikhael Gorbachev, opened its first Australian office in Brisbane yesterday.


The Premier of Queensland, Peter Beattie, launched the Australian chapter of the environmental organisation that aims to bring together the issues of environment, peace and security. The branch opened in Brisbane following discussions between Beattie and Gorbachev at the 2006 Earth Dialogues conference last year.


 “Green Cross Australia is committed to building a sustainable, peaceful global community built on fairness and equity, in line with the charter of Green Cross International,” said Beattie. “There are few environmental organisations in the world with the status, reputation and clout of Green Cross International.”


Founded in 1993, Green Cross International now has offices in over 30 countries. The Queensland Government contributed $400,000 to establish the Green Cross Australian headquarters in Brisbane.


According to Beattie, the Brisbane-based office of has the potential to become the key focus for environmental activity in the Asia-Pacific region.


“When you consider the impact that climate change could have on many of our low-lying Pacific neighbours, it is clear the region needs some strong and powerful advocates on the international stage,” Beattie said during the official launch.


“Queensland has the potential to become a regional leader in the fight against climate change and biodiversity loss, and we can stand at the forefront of research and innovation in sustainable solutions to global problems.”


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