Future-proof our extreme weather response

As the nation confronts our largest natural disaster, the challenge of preparing for a hotter extreme weather future becomes apparent. No single heat wave, flood or fire can be attributed to climate change.


However increasing numbers of severe events - 70 in the 1990s versus 28 in the 1970s1 - reflect a pattern predicted by scientists.


"Australia currently has 500,000 emergency volunteers working for 18 different community organisations. It's a world class system but the current volunteer base is aging, at a time when communities are more exposed to severe weather than ever. We need to inspire a new generation." Green Cross Australia CEO Mara Bun said.


www.extremeweatherheroes.org is the world's first social network designed and led by young emergency volunteers.


The aim is to inspire and empower young people to prepare for their future and encourage communities impacted by disaster to rebuild 'green' to break the greenhouse cycle.


The network is led by five young volunteers from the SES, Red Cross and Rural Fire Service. It offers practical steps for becoming involved, and runs across Facebook, Twitter, You Tube and Flickr with science-based supporting materials, evidence of a changing climate, and a strong 'how to rebuild green' theme.


Climate change is the #1 concern for Gen X and Y.


But only 1 in 5 young people actively volunteer. An effort to drive home the link between concern for our climate and communities and emergency volunteering is needed in the face of increasing climate impacts.


www.extremeweatherheroes.org offers a pathway to skills development and finding the right volunteer role.


www.extremeweatherheroes.org is like a reality show except it's real.


Read the full media release by downloading it from the Resources section.

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