Build It Back Green website launches thanks to Victorian Government Sustainability Fund

The Build it Back Green website is funded by a grant from the Victorian Government Sustainability Fund.

Since its creation, the Sustainability Fund has supported over 200 projects across Victoria, supporting businesses, local governments and communities to take action on climate change across Victoria.

The Victorian Government established the Sustainability Fund under s70 of the Environment Protection Act 1970 (Victoria) which established the Environment Protection Fund. Money paid into the Sustainability Fund from the Victorian Landfill Levy is provided for the purposes of fostering environmentally sustainable use of resources and best practices in waste management to advance the social and economic development of Victoria.

Green Cross was delighted to launch Build it Back Green in Flowerdale on April 28 with Premier John Brumby and Environment Minister Gavin Jennings. The Victorian Government's support for sustainable bushfire recovery was evident at a warm, personal gathering captured in the video above.

Green Cross CEO Mara Bun says, "Our organisation is proud to be supported through this grant, which represents the confidence of one of Australia's most strategic governments when it comes to climate change response."  


"With this funding," according to Ms Bun, "Australia now joins a growing global movement of disaster affected communities that embrace sustainability at the core of community recovery".

Green Cross Australia is grateful for the support of the Victorian Government and all of our partners in delivering www.builditbackgreen.org


The Green Building Guide covers:



  • Green Home Loans, Personal Loans and Car Loans
  • Bendigo Bank
  • Maleny Credit Union
  • Hunter United
  • Savings&Loans Credit Union
  • Community First Credit Union
  • Mecu
  • Community CPS Australia
  • Select Credit Union

Rebates and Loans for Low-Income Households

  • No Interest Loans Scheme (NILs)
  • Progress Loans
  • Good Shepard Buying Service

Building design

  • Victorian Bushfire Regulations
  • Build for Life
  • Design for climate: Passive solar building design
  • Insulation
  • Glazing

Building materials

  • Concrete
  • ICF blocks
  • Timber
  • Mudbrick
  • Strawbale
  • Timbercrete
  • Rapidwall
  • Rammed earth


  • Bushfire safety and power supply
  • Connected to grid
  • GreenPower
  • Solar Power
  • Wind Power
  • Grid connection and tariffs
  • Not connected to the grid
  • Standalone solar
  • Stand alone wind power


  • Rainwater tanks
  • Greywater systems
  • Stormwater capture and reuse
  • Solar hot water
  • Heat pumps
  • Saving water
  • Taps & shower heads
  • Toilets
  • Compost toilets & blackwater

Heating & Cooling

  • Air conditioners
  • Solar air conditioners
  • Ceiling fans
  • Heaters
  • Reverse cycle air conditioners
  • Radiant heaters
  • Gas heaters
  • Gas fake flame heaters (gas log fires)
  • Gas central heating
  • Gas hydronic heating
  • Solar flat plate and box collectors
  • Wood & pellet heaters
  • Pellet heaters
  • Hydronic heating (cross reference water heating)
  • Ground-sourced (geothermal) heat pumps
  • Heat shifters and heat exchange ventilators
  • Heat exchange ventilators
  • Shading


  • Fridges & Freezers
  • Washing machines and dryers
  • TVs, DVDs & entertainment equipment

Floor Covering

  • Timber
  • Bamboo
  • Concrete & Tiles
  • Carpet, vinyl and linoleum

Paints & finishes

  • Pools
  • Driveways
  • Decking

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