Green Lane Diary Awards Ceremony

Celebrating Queensland's primary school student environmental leaders 


Green Cross Australia hosted the Inaugural Green Lane Diary Awards Celebration on 17th of November at Queensland Museum South Bank, 11am - 12noon.


Outstanding Individual Achievement Awards

  • Pantea Konn (Year 6, Seven Hills State School)
  • Brooke Mills (Year 7, Sunshine Beach State School)
  • Chloe Melville (Year 5, Taranganba State School)

2010 Green Lane Diary Hero Award

  • Nicholas Buddle (Year 7, Runcorn State School)

Outstanding Class Achievement Awards

  • Ocean Shores Public School, NSW - Putting sustainable thinking into action
  • St Mary's Primary School, Ipswich - Green entrepreneurs
  • Heatley State School, Townsville - Changing our community
  • Beaconsfield State School, Mackay - Green class leading by example
  • Manorvale Primary School, Werribee VIC - Green performers educating others

2010 Green Lane Diary Class Award

  • Maleny State School - Leading the way for schools across Australia  

2010 Class Community Action Award 

  • St Brendan's Catholic Primary School, Moorooka - Supporting Clean Water for Ghana Kids

Queensland Minister for Education and Training Geoff Wilson presented the "2010 Green Lane Diary Class Award" and the Queensland Minister for Climate Change and Sustainability Kate Jones presented the "2010 Green Lane Diary Hero Award".


"Green Lane Diary has unleashed environmental understanding and action across primary schools" said Green Cross Australia Director of Education Miranda Mason. "From gardens that protect butterflies to orangutang-friendly tuck shops and Barrief Reef waste monitoring programs - these kids are willing to show real leadership in environmental protection" she said.


"Kids are really concerned about the environment," said Ms Mason. "They hear their parents and other adults talking about all of these big problems and they don't understand why they can't do something about it. It's their world too and they really want to be empowered to do something to help it."


Green Lane Diary is a curriculum aligned free resource that enables teachers and students to learn about the stresses on our precious environment while finding solutions for a green future. This program was sponsored by the Queensland Department of Education and Training as part of the 2010 "Year of Environmental Sustainability."


The multimedia website supporting this program for parents, teachers and students - www.greenlanediary.org - recently won the National Award for Best Education Website in the 2010 Australian Web Awards.


In 2011 Green Lane Diary will scale up across Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria with 35,000 students from over 500 Public, Independent and Catholic schools participating.


The outstanding schools and students awarded on November 17 will reach out to peers across Australia next year as the program grows, reaching 35,000 students in 500 schools, as we build a green education revolution.


Thanks to Gold and Platinum Green Lane Diary Sponsors SIGG Australia, Lend Lease, Queensland Department of Education and Training, and Green Building Council of Australia. Thanks also to Gray Media for helping us to launch the program on World Environment Day.

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