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Red Magazine: Stranded - The National People's Assembly Verdict

30 Oct 2008

Red, Griffith University's biannual magazine, featured an article on the verdict of Green Cross Australia's National People's Assembly, the displacement of people due to rising sea levels and the present danger for island nations in our region.


ECOS Magazine: Speaking up on Asia Pacific sea-level rise impacts

28 Oct 2008

ECOS Magazine, Australia´s most authoritative magazine on sustainability in the environment, industry and community, published bi-monthly by CSIRO, featured an article on Green Cross Australia's National People's Assembly on sea-level rise and population displacement in the Asia Pacific region in their October Edition.


Universe Magazine: Environmental Epiphany by Melanie Arnost

23 Sep 2008

Melanie Arnost discusses the future impacts of climate change and the barrier between public thought and action, calling attention to the populations unwillingness to act upon the issues affecting our planet, our lives and our childrens future. Arnost talks to Green Cross Australia's CEO Mara Bun about her own 'environmental epiphany' that continues to inspire the organization, and about the action Green Cross Australia is taking against climate change.


NT News: More heat on climate change

12 Sep 2008

A young Territorian has called for the Federal Government to engage her generation on climate change. Kat Byron, 24, spoke at the National People's Assembly on sea level rise and population displacement in the Asia Pacific about the importance of bringing young people into the debate in Brisbane recently.


ABC Radio National: Ockham's Razor dives into sea level rise

03 Sep 2008

The CEO of Green Cross Australia, Mara Bun, speaks with Robyn William's on the ABC's Ockhams Razor program on what will happen if sea levels continue to rise. According to scientists we could experience an 88cm rise by the end of the century if greenhouse emissions keep increasing and this will have catastrophic effects on vast populations globally.


AFR Boss Magazine: The People's Assembly

03 Sep 2008

Some of the country's top brains, including Heinrich Eder, boss of Munich Re in Australia; Dr Andrew Ash, the chair of CSIRO's climate adaptation efforts; and Paul Hardisty from Worley Parsons gave evidence on the potential impacts of sea level rises to an unusual forum - a National People's Assembly.


Virgin Blue's inflight magazine Voyeur: Bun the Wiser

01 Aug 2008

Virgin Blue's inflight magazine, Voyeur, featured Green Cross Australia CEO Mara Bun in their July 2008 Green Special. Find out why she dropped out of Harved law school, her career highlights, what it was like meeting Gorbachev and what she is hoping to achive at Green Cross.


Gilbert and Tobin: Climate Change ‘Refugees’ and International Law

31 Jul 2008

Gilbert and Tobin's July Newsletter featured 'Climate Change ‘Refugees’ and International Law', an article on Jane McAdam and the UNSW Law Faculty's work with Green Cross Australia's National People's Assembly.


Brisbane Times: Climate Change Talkfest

29 Jul 2008

Green Cross Australia invites Brisbane residents to join them for two days of talks about the issues that now face Australia and the Asia Pacific region over the displacement of communities from sea level rise and climate change. Katherine Feeney, Brisbane Times reports.


Gorbachev receives Energy Globe lifetime achievement award

15 Jun 2008

Mikhail Gorbachev, a Nobel Peace Prize recipient, had tears in his eyes as he received the Energy Globe lifetime achievement award for his efforts towards a better future.

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