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All eyes on king tides - Port Douglas and Mossman News

17 Jan 2012

As Queensland residents prepare for king tides this summer, they also have the chance to visualise the rising waters along our coast by photographing the regional king tides event.


Turtle watch puts focus on sea level - Courier Mail

16 Jan 2012

ENDANGERED sea turtles nesting at Mon Repos near Bundaberg have survived relatively unscathed from Cyclone Fina's rough seas and big tides. "Given that 85 per cent of Queensland's population lives within 50km of the coast, it is vital that we know what to expect in coming years,'' Ms Bun said.


Get snapping the king tide - Cairns Post

12 Jan 2012

CAPTURING king tides on camera could reveal what our coast might look like in the future. That’s what Green Cross Australia is saying to encourage Cairns residents to take photographs of sea levels next king tide on January 22 at 9am.


Witness king tides through lens - Whitsunday Times

12 Jan 2012

WHITSUNDAY residents are being encouraged to photograph this year's king tides as part of an initiative by the national environmental and humanitarian agency Green Cross Australia, called 'Witness King Tides'.


Witness King Tides- ABC Rural

27 Dec 2011

A Queensland project is interested in summer holiday beach photos taken around the time of king tides.


Witness King Tides- Fraser Coast Chronicle

23 Dec 2011

Fraser Coast Mayor Mick Kruger encourages residents to participate in Witness King Tides.


Mara writes for Griffith Review

22 Dec 2011

Green Cross Australia CEO Mara Bun writes for the next edition of the Griffith Review - talking about the way forward after a disaster strikes. Read her article here.


The Inertia Trap

08 Nov 2011

This documentary film fills a significant gap by providing a wealth of scientific information on climate change and the oceans. It's not that easy to find out about the science of climate change without politics intervening. Did you know that more than 90% of the heat from greenhouse gas emissions goes into the oceans, not into the atmosphere?


3 Countries 3 Stories

07 Nov 2011

CLEVELAND District State High School students have already made good use of their new video conferencing room and are welcoming other schools to use their state-of-the-art facilities. Year 5 students from Milton State School were the first to jump on board with the offer and participated in the Three nations, Three stories: Shooting for the Stars video conference on Wednesday, October 26.


Culture magazine: Who is the purest of them all?

01 Oct 2011

In this industry new products are launched more frequently than my credit card falls victim to an ASOS 20% off sale and sometimes jumping on a plane en route to one of the countries most elite day spas is all in a days work… it’s a tough life I know.

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