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Residential Developer Magazine - Harden Up

15 Sep 2011

Mara Bun, CEO, Green Cross Australia writes about, a new web portal designed to raise the communities' awareness of natural hazards across the state.


Residential Developer Magazine - Build it Back Green

15 Sep 2011

Residential Developer Magazine talks about Green Cross Australia's 'Build it Back Green' website.


Map Magazine - Success Local Dreamer - Mara Bun

10 Aug 2011

Mara Bun is interviewed by Frances Frangenheim about the projects she is working on in her role as founding CEO of Green Cross Australia.


The Courier Mail: Headst@rt - The Green Lane Diary

31 May 2011

The Courier Mail featured Green Cross Australia's Green Lane Diary in the HeadSt@rt section on Tuesday 31st May 2011. Registrations for Term 3, 2011 close soon for this free curriculum linked inspirational environmental resource for 8-13 year olds. Poppy Masselos reports.


Brisbane News: Greenhouse prefect

16 May 2011

Brisbane News Senior Editor, Phil Brown interviewed Green Cross Australia's CEO Mara Bun about her big, green, eco ideas - connecting the dots between sustainable housing, extreme weather, and resilient communities.


The Fifth Estate: Resilience planning for wild weather and climate change

12 May 2011

Queensland, the state of floods and cyclones that devastated property, has become Australia's laboratory for sustainable building, for creating resilient homes, offices and structures in the face of climatic volatility.


Quest Ipswich News: Flooded city needs sustainable rebuild

03 May 2011

Flood damaged districts of Brisbane and Ipswich should be rebuilt using resilient and sustainable building methods, said Green Cross Australia managing director Mara Bun. Quest Ipswich News reporter Ben Johnson reports.


Herald Sun: Green Resource to Rebuild After Flood

20 Apr 2011

Building on knowledge gained from assisting disaster-affected communities in the United States, environmental organisation Green Cross Australia will host a state version of the Build It Back Green website to help Victorians rebuild sustainably after natural disasters. The Herald Sun reports.


The Wall Street Journal: Foundations for Good

13 Dec 2010

Mikhail Gorbachev reveals the inspiration behind his charitable works, outlines the causes closest to his heart and tells how personal tragedy has spurred him to even greater efforts. The Wall Street Journal's Rumyana Vakarelska reports.


The Age: After The Black Comes Green, by Michael Green

10 Dec 2010

After the bushfires, many people are opting to build sustainably. Anthony Smith's Kinglake home burnt down in the Black Saturday fires, but he is just one of a number of residents who are rebuilding green. The Age's Michael Green reports.

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