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Build It Back Green website wins Best In Class Interactive Media Award

07 Dec 2010

The Build It Back Green website, built for Green Cross Australia by Zeroseven, has won a Best In Class Interactive Media Award in the Natural Environment/Green Category - the highest honour awarded by the international judging panel.


Green Lane Diary website wins two Interactive Media Awards

06 Dec 2010

The Green Lane Diary website, developed for Green Cross Australia by Zeroseven, was awarded Outstanding Achievement for excellence in the design, development and implementation in the ‘Charity’ and ‘Kids’ categories, from the Interactive Media Awards.


The Courier Mail Headst@rt: Green Lane Diary Awards Ceremony

23 Nov 2010

The Courier Mail's Headst@rt editor Poppy Masselos witnessed the Green Lane Diary Awards Ceremony first hand and has featured a beautiful double page spread on the award winners, the fabulous diaries, the generous sponsors and the general festivities of the day.


Charity Vault: Green hero cleans out tuckshop to save orangutans

22 Nov 2010

Runcorn State School's tuckshop has been stocked with more environmentally friendly food products after year 7 student Nicholas Buddle discovered noodles on sale contained palm oil from farms which replace habitat of the threatened orangutan. Climate Change and Sustainability Minister Kate Jones presented Nicholas with the top award at the inaugural Green Lane Diary Environmental Hero Awards, held at the Queensland Museum.


Green Building Council of Australia: Lend Lease supports green leaders of tomorrow

18 Nov 2010

As a leader in sustainability, Lend Lease showed its support for Green Cross Australia's 2010 Green Lane Diary program awards ceremony which recognises the green leaders of tomorrow. The Green Building Council of Australia reports.


Green Cross Australia: Green Lane Diary Awards Ceremony

17 Nov 2010

Green Cross Australia hosted the Inaugural Green Lane Diary Awards Celebration to honour a handful of students and classes that stood out from over 14000 amazing participants in our pilot program this year.


International Herald Tribune: Mikhail Gorbachev Op-Ed Piece - Let's Get Serious About Climate Talks

03 Nov 2010

An op-ed piece by GCI Founding President Mikhail Gorbachev titled Let's Get Serious About Climate Talks, appeared 3 November in the International Herald Tribune on 3 November 2010.


Blacksmith Institute & Green Cross Switzerland: The top six toxic threats worldwide in 2010

03 Nov 2010

Green Cross Switzerland and US-based Blacksmith Institute, two independent environmental organizations, present their first ranking of the world's top six toxic threats. The ranking is included in the 2010 Toxic Threat Report, which was jointly issued by Green Cross Switzerland and Blacksmith Institute.


Mikhail Gorbachev receives special German Environmental Award

31 Oct 2010

Green Cross International Founding President Mikhail Gorbachev received a special prize for his environmental protection work at the 2010 German Environmental Awards, held Sunday 31 October in Bremen, Germany. German President Christian Wulff presented Gorbachev with the special prize, marking only the 3rd time in the 18-year history of the Awards that a special honor was given out.


Property Council of Australia: initiative gets traction

29 Oct 2010

Developed by Green Cross Australia, has been designed to build community resilience in Queensland to severe weather by raising awareness of hazard exposure through a social media platform. The Property Council of Australia reports.

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