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President Gorbachev Calls For Dramatic Boost To Solar Energy

30 Mar 2009

Green Cross International Founder Mikhail Gorbachev has urged world leaders and the private sector to make big investments in solar energy swiftly as a way out of the current economic crisis and as part of an emergency response to climate change.


ABC Radio National's Fran Kelly: Rebuilding green with Matt Petersen

10 Mar 2009

ABC Radio National's Fran Kelly talks to Global Green CEO, Matt Petersen about rebuilding green and green schools in the US, and what Australia can learn - in particluar what Green Cross Australia is doing in these key areas.


The Asialink Conversations India 2008: 17-18 October 2008

27 Feb 2009

The Asialink Conversations held in India on 17-18 October 2008, brought together leaders in government, business, academia, non-government organizations and the media from six ASEAN member countries, Australia and India.


Ethical Investor: Through a Human Lens

25 Feb 2009

Climate change is real. The Victorian bushfire tragedy a stark reminder of how fragile our communities have become, says Mara Bun. Under her leadership, Green Cross Australia is focused on readying the nation for the further environmental calamities and widespread human displacement.


The Courier Mail: Youth sign up for an extreme weather challenge

19 Feb 2009

A new generation of emergency volunteers is being trained to deal with extreme weather conditions. Green Cross Australia has launched its Extreme Weather Heroes campaign to inspire 20 000 people under 30 to join emergency response volunteer groups. The Courier Mail's Graham Readfearn reports.


Brisbane Legal: Meet Khory McCormick, Green Cross Australia's new chair

17 Feb 2009

Green Cross Australia's new chair Khory McCormick is the man responsible for overseeing the privatisation of TAB, a former chairman of Energex and is on the national board of Minter Ellison. Find out more about the man who resolves disputes between some of Australia's largest private and public companies, and is proud to join Green Cross Australia!


CSIRO's The Helix: Slow but Sure - a world of rising sea levels

16 Feb 2009

CSIRO's The Helix talks water, oceans and sea level rise - including how you measure it, who will be affected, what is being done - and how Green Cross Australia is making a difference.


University of Western Australia recognises climate change challenge

13 Feb 2009

University of Western Australia Alumni recognises Daniel Heredia's efforts and enthusiasm in Green Cross Australia's National People's Assembly, and his recommendations to the Federal Government on sea level rise and population displacement in the Asia Pacific region.


Deloitte goes green!

06 Jan 2009

The professional services firm Deloitte has always had a focus on environmental sustainability – this year, its Sustainability Committee presented 40 summer vacationers across the firm with the opportunity to fundraise for Green Charities.


Childcare Business Matters: Children Embrace Climate Change Education

09 Dec 2008

Everyday actions can and do impact on the earth's wellbeing and where better to start than by educating and inspiring your children to make 'green' choices. Find out more about Green Cross Japan's 'Green Lane' Environmental Diary program in the Childcare Business Matters magazine.

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