South Australia's King TIdes

During April, coastal communities in South Australia photographed and shared images of their king tides as a part of the Witness King Tides project, coordinated by Green Cross Australia.


Tide Trackers snapped photos of the king tide and adding them to the database of images on the Witness King Tides website.


Green Cross Australia CEO Mara Bún says sharing these photos helped to raise awareness of sea level rise, and build a picture of what South Australia's coastal communities may look like in the future, as global sea levels rise.


"Witness King Tides helps us to identify and understand the impacts of rising sea levels on our beaches, coastal areas and shoreline communities," Bún said.


"This database of images will build a picture of the threat posed by sea level rise in South Australia and across Australia and will help track the future impact of climate change," she said.


"By sharing these images, we can picture what our coastal communities will look like in the future as sea levels rise and importantly, we can prepare and adapt for these changes."


The Witness King Tides project is funded by South Australia's Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources, as part of the state's response to climate change.


To see some of the images captured, head to the South Australia Witness King Tides image database.

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