Disaster resilience: preparedness and recovery

It takes a village to prepare

Community Resilience Guideline and Checklist
Download the Community Resileince Guideline

Sometimes new communities are our most vulnerable. When some master plan developments are constructed, residents come from all over Australia to live. However, they don't always know or understand what the area's weather history is or how to prepare for it.

To help address this, Green Cross Australia worked with Manidis Roberts, Lend Lease, the Urban Land Development Authority, Stockland and others to develop a guideline to assist developers to help their communities prepare for severe weather events. This guideline is used as part of the Green Star Communities rating tool under the Adaptation and Resilience credit and is also available for proactive existing communities to help prepare for future events.


The guidelines aim to ensure that new communities are aware of the natural hazards that affect their area, how to respond to and prepare for these hazards and what organisations in their area may be able to help.

Green Cross Australia intends that these guidelines should be rolled out to all new masterplan developments to ensure communities are appropriately assisted to prepare for disaster events.


The Community Resileince Guideline is available to download on the right.


If you are interested in how Green Cross Australia can help you achieve the Climate Adaptation and Resileince credit within Green Star Communities, contact us here.

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