Foundation Members

The following people are the Foundation Members of Green Cross Australia. These individuals form our consitutional voting base and were invited to join Green Cross Australia in this special category of membership. They include some of Australia's most imminent leaders and experts and we are proud have them associated with our cause!


Phillip Adams
Peter Andrews
Colin George Ball
Susan Helen Ball
Philip Bangerter
Anna Bligh
George  Browning
Jeff Brunne
Stuart Bunn
Clement Bernard Campbell
John Cherry
Cordia Chu
Kevin Clements
John Cole

Tony Coleman
Patrick Comben
Suzanne Davies
Margaret De Wit
Linda Mary Dreghorn
Ian Dunlop
Malcolm Eadie
Llewellyn Edwards
Scott Emerson
Louise Erbacher
Jim Falk
Mary Leneen Forde
Ian Frazer
Tony Fry

Kerry Gardner
Terence Marshell Gibson
Paul Hardisty

Philip Hargrave
Cameron Hoffmann
Paul Holper
Toby Hutcheon

Tom Kennedy
Stephen Kinnane
Gerowyn Lacaze
Libby Lincoln
Max Lindegger
Ian Lowe
Cam Mackenzie
Brendan Mackey
Sally MacKinnon
Judy Magub
Peter Matic
Khory McCormick
Alastair McCracken

Jim McKnoulty

Nadia McLaren
James Bradfield Moody
Campbell Newman
Ian O'Connor
Jonathan Parsons
Jane Prentice
Noel Preston
Graham Quirk
Michael  Rayner
Richard Sanders
Linda Selvey
Roslyn Skerry
Richard Slaughter
Alison Steele

Louise Sylvan
Shane Thompson
Mary Tinney
Craig Wallace
Anne-Marie Willis

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