Our People


Green Cross Australia runs a hub-and-spoke model. This means a small hub of expert Directors and community, corporate, research and business partners work with contractors and volunteers to deliver digital engagement platforms which help people adapt to our changing climate.


We are empowering a resilient Australia by catalysing and sharing postive responses that mitigate climate risk at the same time as building our adaptive capacity.


Green Cross Australia currently runs six award-winning digital platforms. These address audiences ranging from primary school students, to disaster affected communities, through to communities adapting to the gradual impacts of climate change. These platform projects are our spokes.


Together, our network has reached over 520,000 Australians and others around the world through international award winning, rich media journeys. Learn about our people here and if you are inspired to get involved, please contact us.


Special thanks also goes to the wonderful group of University interns and volunteers who have supported our work over the years, and to the many experts who have guided our projects through Steering Committees along the way.

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