Our People


Green Cross Australia could not accomplish as much as it does without the hard work of a core group of volunteers.

This fabulous (and ever expanding) list of volunteers needs to be thanked in more words than we know how to say!


Thanks also goes to all past volunteers including dozens of University, Bureau of Meteorology and CSIRO researchers, Maurits van der Vlugt, Tweet Gainsborough-Waring, Sarah Onave, Hanako Mori, Mel Arnost, Anton Szilasi, Cas Bennetto, Ulrike Kachel, Sophie Bromley, Sarah Ripper, Kathryn Gough, Julia Henrich, Lisa Fitzgerald, Kurt Winter, Jess Goldie, Laura McLeod, Caitlin Calder-Potts, Lorenzo Puccini, Jacob Langmack, Bec Hull, Kurt Vohland, Amy Driscoll, Sue Fernandez, Louis Cousin and Karen Speirs.




Find out more about our volunteers - and if you are inspired enough to join them - or feel you can contribute in more diverse ways - please don't hesiate to volunteer your valuable time and services today and we will seek to match your skills and interests to our current needs!

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