Walk Against Warming

Walk Against Warming will be held in King George Square on August 15, the last weekend before the 2010 election.


Walk in unity through the city streets for a cooler Australia, an Australia with an effective climate change policy for a healthy environment; healthy new business opportunities in clean tech and transport, healthy individual choices for local fresh food, fitness and greener consumer choices... and then enjoy a free concert in King George Square!

We're doing our bit on climate change. It's time to make our political leaders do theirs. This election join a Walk near you and help us convince our political leaders to: Walk with the people. Not the Big Polluters.


While our political leaders have been squabbling, the rest of us have been getting on with the business of dealing with climate change.

We're going green and clean. We're reducing our greenhouse pollution and recycling our waste. We're saving water and energy, and buying greenpower. And we're forming climate action groups - all across the country.


Meanwhile our leaders have been all talk, backflips, and delays. They've given us rising pollution and a free ride for big polluters.

This election, help us put the pressure on our political leaders to:
* Make the polluters pay by putting a price on carbon
* Replace our most polluting power stations with clean energy
* Create new clean jobs and industries
* Guarantee to cut pollution over the next term of government
* Support poor and vulnerable countries to tackle the impacts of climate change and invest in sustainable development.

Join a Walk Against Warming event near you on Sunday, 15 August 2010 and tell the politicians it's time for them to face up to their responsibilities on climate change.

Help the next government see the links between personal, business and environmental health. Support a cooler Australia!

When:  15 August 2010

Time:  11 am

Where:  King George Square - Brisbane

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