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Brisbane Youth Leadership for Sustainability Forum
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Brisbane Youth Leadership for Sustainability Forum

Workshop Highlights

Creating wildlife habitat in your school or backyard

Michelle Nash - Habitat Brisbane

This workshop will give you a basic understanding of why biodiversity and urban habitat is so important and

provide you with the knowledge and skills to implement a project of your own. It will also enable you to share

your new skills and knowledge with your peers through a hands-on project at your school.


Using theatre and community art to create change

Yazmin Ferkins - Applied Theatre Student at Griffith University

The creative arts are a great way to capture attention and can be useful to illustrate difficult concepts,

lampoon old fashioned social values and inspire people to change. Theatre is a particularly useful medium

because of its immediacy and there are many wonderful examples of drama being used effectively in social

activism. Come along and find out how you can use theatre and community arts to create change in your



Awareness to action: building or re-energising an environment club in your school

Monique Filet - BYEN and Erin Lloyd - Brisbane City Council Green Heart Schools Program

Do you and your friends care about the environment? Why not set up an environment club and contribute to

change for the better? This workshop will give you a framework for developing or re-energising an

environment club in your school or community, increase your skills for group mobilisation and leadership,

provide some tools for peer-mentoring and democratic-process and allow you to directly affect your

community through environmental service projects.


Writing a successful grant application

Daniel Flood - Visible Ink Youth Space

Having an idea is awesome, but the idea is very likely going to need money to become reality. A grant

means it's not your money; it's someone else's! Come and find out:

  • What is a grant?
  • Where are there grants?
  • How to apply for a grant for your idea.


Sarah Moran - Young Social Entrepreneur

This workshop is about bringing together like-minded people - not just to help them pursue their goals but to

show them how to achieve meaningful and sustainable outcomes. This is an opportunity for fun and learning

drawing from a range of different disciplines including marketing, community development and volunteer

management. You'll leave at the end of the workshop not only with a toolkit of skills and resources but also

renewed energy and commitment to implementing your project ideas.


Towards zero waste

Lyn Comiskey - City Waste Services

Waste is an important issue for sustainable living. This workshop will generate a list of achievable actions

and a better understanding of the waste stream, recycling systems and the product life-cycle. You'll also

learn how to identify opportunities for working with others in your community and how to take a leadership

role by engaging others in actions for reducing waste.


Working with the media

Fiona Maxwell - Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland

Ever wanted to get your voice heard in the media? This workshop looks at how to write an effective media

release or letter to the editor and will give you lots of great tips on how to get your self published! Using the

media is an important skill in getting your message out there to the wider community.


Art, action, union: creative activism!

Kathleen Cameron - Art Action Union

Through deconstructing and critiquing advertising this workshop will look at the psychology of marketing,

how it's used against us and how we can use it to our own advantage. We'll also look at how activist

marketing is different from a typical marketing campaign, particularly in that you're educating as well as

selling a message, while working within tight cost restraints. The workshop then looks at using art to

communicate, as well as using the momentum of other organisations' marketing to get your own message

out. You will leave with a better understanding of how to use design for a campaign, and how to use the arts,

graphics and the internet to connect with people.


Indigenous perspectives on the environment

Nayuka Gorrie - Boondall Wetlands Environment Centre

This workshop will look at the traditional relationships Indigenous Australians had with the land, before

exploring the way in which contemporary perspectives have diverged, creating a range of differing and

sometimes oppositional views on the environment, from eco-tourism and advocating for 'caring for country'

to support of large mining operations. Through role-play and other hands-on activities you will explore how

these many different perspectives can be respected and how consensus might be achieved, not just in

Indigenous communities but in other communities as well.


Conversations about consumerism and ethical shopping

Angela Ballard - Learning 4A Change

Today's youth have more expendable income than ever before and with fashions and technology changing

so quickly there's a lot of pressure on young people to spend, spend, spend! But what does this mean for the

environment and for those who grow and manufacture the products we buy? Are there alternatives to this

kind of consumerism? Is it possible to live a happy life without stuff? Come along for a stimulating

conversation on some of the big questions facing our world and discover how we can make a positive

difference by the way we spend.


Find your green heart avatar

Ana Leigh Tucker - Green Heart Communities

Seen the movie? Here is an opportunity to travel on a journey in your mind to meet your very own Green

Heart Avatar. Learn about his/her strengths and find out what the next steps are to nurture and build your

real life Green Heart Avatar. Put your thoughts on paper through collage and take away your creation for

inspiration into the future.


Energy efficiency and communicating about climate change

Luke Reade - Energetic Communities

Climate change is the big challenge of our generation. We'll need to develop more energy efficient

technologies, as well as new forms of energy that don't emit carbon dioxide or use fossil fuels. Already there

are a many ways we can all reduce our energy use. This workshop looks at how we use energy, the

activities that emit the most carbon into the atmosphere and how we can talk about climate change with our



Plus more to be confirmed, including inspirational sessions featuring members of the Australian Student Environment Network and the Queensland Youth Environment Council!


The forum is free and is open to all young people aged 15 to 20.


Contact to RSVP by Friday 2 July for for further information.

When:  09 July 2010 - 09 July 2010

Time:  10.00am - 4.00pm

Where:  Visible Ink Youth Space 54 Berwick Street Fortitude Valley

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