Australia-Brazil Chamber of Commerce Roundtable

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A light in the forest
This article written was by Jeff Tollefson about Brazil's fight to save the Amazon, which you may find interesting for our discussion on Thursday.

Join us for a roundtable to discuss avenues for green business sector collaboration between Australia and Brazil as we prepare for the G20 summit in Brisbane.

Green Cross Australia is partnering with the Australia Brazil Chamber of Commerce ABCC to lead a Sydney forum about how GE Ecomagination, LanzaTech and Baker McKenzie assess renewable energy, aviation biofuels and carbon offset market developments.

We take an interest in this topic along with Green Cross Brazil because our CEO Mara Bun is a Brazilian citizen, and global forest and clean technology developments affect us all.

Newly elected Minister for the Environment Greg Hunt has proposed a global rainforest recovery plan to help preserve the world's great standing forests and cut by 50 per cent the eight billion tonnes of annual CO2 emissions caused by rainforest destruction.

Jeff Tollefson's article "A Light in the Forest" published in Foreign Affairs points out that, "Brazil has dramatically slowed the destruction of its rain forests, reducing the rate of deforestation by 83 percent since 2004, primarily by enforcing land-use regulations, creating new protected areas, and working to maintain the rule of law in the Amazon. At the same time, Brazil has become a test case for a controversial international climate-change prevention strategy known as REDD, short for "reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation," which places a monetary value on the carbon stored in forests."

Learn about clean technology and forest sector developments in Brazil and Australia and how innovative initiatives are driving changes towards a low carbon economy.

When: Thursday, 3rd October.
Time: 6-7 pm, followed by drinks and Brazilian snacks from 7-8pm.
Where: Faculty Common Room, Level 4, Law School, University of Sydney.
RSVP: Beatriz Garcia

On behalf of the ABCC and Green Cross Australia, we hope you enjoy the event and look forward to seeing you there.

When:  03 October 2013 - 03 October 2013

Time:  6:00pm to 7:00pm, followed by drinks and Brazilian snacks from 7:00pm to 8:00pmpm

Where:  Faculty Common Room, Level 4, Law School, University of Sydney

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