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Outcomes of the National People's Assembly - The Report

Download the Citizens' Panel Report from The National People's Assembly on sea level rise and population displacement in the Asia Pacific region
A detailed report with recommendations for the federal government

The 2008 National People's Assembly about the humanitarian challenges of sea level rise in Asia Pacific has concluded its deliberations after four months of intensive briefing by leading Australian experts from the scientific, business, academic, defense, humanitarian and environment community sectors.


On Friday 29th August, the National People's Assembly Citizen's Panel held its deliberations in Brisbane, and asked twenty-four questions about climate change mitigation, adaptation, governance, and preparing for displacement.


Sixteen eminent Australians provided answers to their questions and offered ideas for concrete policy recommendations.


Our panel of 14 citizens has finalised its report to the Australian Federal Government.


The report was delivered to Climate Change and Water Minister Penny Wong's Special Envoy on Climate Change, Mr. Howard Bamsey, on the 30th August 2008.


Download the Citizens' Panel's report with recommendations to the Federal Government from the Resources section of this page now.

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