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On 26 October, three very special schools participated in a live video conference to share their green ideas for the future.


Milton State School in Brisbane, Yasawa Primary near Fukishima and Cashmere School in Christchurch have all been affected by natural disasters this year.


The year 5 students shared their experiences with each other and heard from Network 10's Ranger Stacey.


Thanks to generous support from Polycom, the three schools were able to chat with each other live and swap tips on recovering from extreme weather events.


Milton State School suffered severe flooding during the 2011 Queensland floods


Yasawa Primary school was also affected by extreme weather in 2011 with the earthquake, tsunami and also ongoing problems with the Fukishima energy plant.


Finally, Cashmere Primary school in Christchurch was affected by the 2011 earthquake in Christchurch


Ranger Stacey moderated this teleconference, kicking things off with a chat about how animals survive extreme weather and two special visitors- a black headed pyhthon and a shingle back lizard courtesy of David Fleays Wildlife Park.The students were then able to share from their Green Lane Diaries and swap green ideas.


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Generously supported by Polycom, Green Cross Japan and Network 10, this special education event is a wonderful opportunity to learn from each other. We also thank David Fleay Wildlife park for their very special support.



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