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Future Sparks

Harnessing the kinetic energy of a soccer ball to power a light bulb or charge a mobile phone is just one of the amazing projects Australian teachers and students can access through the Future Sparks - our clean energy show and tell program.


Green Cross Australia, CSIRO and the Clean Energy Council have partnered to bring together the very latest scientific and engineering developments that will amaze and inspire students about the transition to cleaner sources of energy.


The aspiration is that students will develop an understanding around the need for transition to clean energy, and to generate excitement and positivity in the human capacity to create solutions.


The Future Sparks website has been constructed to bring the buzz and excitement from the clean energy industry into the classroom, and a video and persuasive writing competition gives students the chance to flex their creative muscle and take part in the very big conversation that is taking place about the future of our energy supply.


Cash prizes for schools and a prize pack plus trip to the national awards ceremony will be up for grabs.


CSIRO has provided lesson plans that are flexible and fun, catering for a wide range of school settings.


Biomimicry has a large presence in the clean energy industry with several innovations copying shark tales and marine plants to harness wave and tidal energy.


Technology is also emerging that will extend battery life by ten-fold, convert noise to energy so you can recharge your mobile phone by shouting at it, and pavement tiles that will collect the energy of pedestrians - ample examples of engaging material for students.


Video entries of up to 2 minutes, will allow students to explore their vision of a clean energy future, with judging to focus on content rather than production values.


Persuasive writing will be in line with NAPLAN criteria and will ask students to respond to a visual stimulus - providing a real life opportunity for students to put their persuasive skills in to practice.


The Future Sparks website will provide core information on climate change science, clean energy options and emerging technology. A multitude of links, videos, and games will enable students to explore this sphere of scientific endeavour.


Future Sparks is compatible with the Australian Curriculum, particularly with English and Science and the cross-curriculum priority of sustainability.


The Future Sparks project will be a conversation starter for students and a valuable resource for teachers.


"In 2011 renewable energy produced enough power for four million homes at a very low cost to consumers, and we are well on the way to achieving the 20 per cent renewable energy target for 2020," said Clean Energy Council Director Kane Thornton.


Register and get further details at www.futuresparks.org.au

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