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What is the Green Lane Diary?


The Green Lane Diary is a curriculum linked education program designed by environmental educators to help children become aware of the stresses our planet confronts and how sustainable living can make a difference. Students keep a diary of their activities over a term and see how positive action makes a difference first hand.


This project was launched by Green Cross Japan 11 years ago. Over 1,000,000 Japanese students have participated since 1999. The program was introduced as a pilot in Queensland for 2010 and has since expanded across Australia.


The diary helps shift budding environmental values developed through learning, into practical eco-friendly activities in kids' everyday lives.


By keeping a record of their ecological activities and discoveries every day over ten weeks, young people broaden their horizons and help to make their homes, schools and communities more sustainable.


The diaries are then judged and the best Green Lane Diary individual and class heroes celebrate with their school and family at a special event where we recognise and applaud their efforts.


Their stories will feature in the follow year's edition of the diary to inspire other kids!


To hear about how this project will come alive, watch Brisbane's leading environmental teacher Miranda Mason discuss her passion for Green Lane Diary.


Who is it for?


The diary is written for primary students aged 8-13 and is most suitable for that age group.


What does it cost?


It is free!  Students visit the website weekly, which will have lots of tips and information to help. Teachers will be provided with lesson plans, project and assessment ideas to help in their classroom.


Who has been using it?


In 2010 Green Cross Australia piloted the Green Lane Diary to 14,000 Queensland students from around 200 demographically diverse schools.


Since then over 110,000 students have participated, we won the "Best Education Website" award in the Australian Web Awards, and we were shortlisted for a prestigious Banksia Award. Over the next five years we will scale the program nationally to reach 300,000 students across Australia.


How do I get my school involved?


Register your school now and we'll be in touch before next year's program to confirm details.

Supporters of the Green Lane Diary in Australia


Green Cross Australia is proud that SIGG, the 100-year-old Swiss water bottle company that prides itself on environmental quality, was our Foundation Corporate Supporter for the diary initiative. SIGG is a member of "1% for the Planet" and contributes 1% of its revenue towards environmental causes. We feel very lucky that in Australia they have chosen to support this initiative.


CSIRO, Energex, Lend Lease, SEQ Water, Mitsubishi and the Green Building Council of Australia are also valued sponsors who have helped to bring this exciting program to Australia.


We are delighted the the exhuberant Costa from ABC Gardening now champions this program, and are grateful for the support of the Courier Mail and News Limited for profiling the achievements of our students year after year.


Green Cross Australia welcomes philanthropic and corporate support for this initiative - do not hesitate to contact Green Cross Australia directly.


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